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Harold Ford Parker

Harold "Ford" Parker is the son of "Fred" Robert Parker and Beulah Faye "Boots" Powell Parker.
Parker, "Fred" Robert (Parker, Fred )
Birth: 10 AUG 1910
Death: 27 DEC 1967 Asheville, Buncombe Co., N.C.
Gender: Male
                      Father: Parker, John Milas
                      Mother: Aiken, Charlotte

Parker, Beulah Faye "Boots" Powell (Powell, Beulah)            

More about Parker, Powell, and Aiken:

    Father: Powell, Homer "Skipper" 
    Married: ABT. 1910
    Mother: Aiken, Laura

i) Parker Sr., Fred Carl (Parker Sr., Fred Carl )
Gender: Male
ii) Parker, Bob (Parker, Bob )
Gender: Male
iii) Parker, Harold "Ford " (Parker, Ford )
Birth 09 APR 1940 Buncombe Co., N.C.
Death: ABT. MAR 2004 Talkeetna, Alaska
Burial: OCT 2005 Talkeetna, Alaska
Gender: Male

Harold "Ford" Parker
Harold "Ford" Parker was born 09 APR 1940, in Asheville, Buncombe Co., N.C., and passed from this life (ABT) MAR 2004, about 12 miles from Talkeetna, Alaska. He was a recluse and bachelor.
Ford was preceded in death by his father, Fred Robert Parker, and his mother, Beulah Faye "Boots" Powell Parker.
He is survived by his two brothers, Robert "Bob" Parker of Sylva, N.C., and "Fred" Carl Parker of Sylva, N.C., and 5 nieces and 5 nephews.
Ford graduated from Mars Hill College in about 1961, and then transferred to a university in Florida where he received a certificate in teaching. It is believed that he spoke French and Spanish.
Ford sold his inherited land in Sylva and ,in 1968, he moved to the wilderness of Alaska. He resided about 12 miles from Talkeetna, Alaska, until his untimely death during March 2004.
According to Ford's brother, Fred Carl Parker Sr. (my father) stated, "Ford maintained two post office boxes, one in Talkeetna, Alaska, and the second in Anchorage, Alaska."
My father added, "Josie's (Aunt Josephine "Josie" Parker Cooke) son, also my cousin, Keith Cooke, corresponded with Ford at least once a year. When Keith sent Ford a letter and over one year passed without reply, Keith became alarmed and notified Alaska Authorities."
My father stated, "At that time Alaska State Trooper Ostol responded by immediately going to the residence of Ford Parker."
My father further explained, "For Ford to travel to Talkeetna, he had to hike, or ride his snow mobile across 12 miles of very harsh terrain. Once he crossed this rough terrain and arrived in Talkeetna, he would then have access to his new Ford pick-up truck which he kept in Talkeetna."
Alaska State Trooper Ostol states, "Unfortunately, according to the coroner's office, Mr. Harold Parker was discovered approximately 1 1/2 years after his passing."
Trooper Ostol explains, "Mr. Parker's nearest neighbor resides 5 miles away, and the nearest town, Talkeetna, is 12 miles from Mr. Ford Parker's residence. Since he lived so far from anyone, and didn't have many contacts explains the 1 1/2 years it took before discovering his body."
While in Alaska, Ford is believed to have staked about 100 gold mining claims. I am told by my father, Fred Carl Parker Sr., that one gold claim perhaps profited $400 per day.
Ford would even barter his gold at local exchanges for food and other necessities. Although he never married, he was a true Mountain Man. He was also an explorer and recluse.
Harold Ford Parker, your blood flows through our veins, we salute you, we honor you, and we shall remember you. Harold "Ford" Parker is my uncle. I never met Uncle Ford, but have been told by many that we resemble in appearance. I wish I met him.
To display respect, brothers "Fred" Parker and "Bob" Parker, leave for Talkeetna, Alaska, on Monday, 10 OCT 2005. They will allow "Ford" a proper and respectful burial.


Although my Uncle Ford staked many gold claims while in Alaska, my Uncle Bob and my father, Fred Carl Parker Sr., [his only two brothers] were unable to locate any gold or any sizable savings. My dear brother-in-law [living] accompanied my father to Talkeetna. Bob and Fred are next of kin and by-law beneficiaries. Ford resided in a very small house with an approximate size of 10 X 12, which is not uncommon for the Alaska wilderness. My dad and Uncle Bob plan to make additional trips to Talkeetna to further investigate the subject.

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